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Retaining Walls

We are often called upon to repair or replace existing failed retaining walls installed by so called "landscape professionals".

Retaining Walls
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Retaining Wall Installation

To withstand Michigan winters and the ravages of the elements, retaining walls must be properly installed with appropriate reinforcement.

Retaining walls can be constructed of interlocking blocks, bolders, timbers or other materials. The height of the wall and the soil conditions will determine construction requirements and the extent of reinforcement needed. No matter which type of retaining wall your design requires, proper site preparation is essential.

Here are the basic installations steps Doan's Landscape utilizes (no shortcuts here) to ensure that the retaining walls we construct will be durable, strong and long-lasting:

Versa-Lok Block retaining walls

  • Evaluate site conditions
  • Determine if Geo-Grid Reinforcement Fabric will be needed (if over 4' high or there are surcharges)
  • Evaluate soil conditions for installation of base
  • Mark area for excavating of base. For normal soil conditions 2' wide and 6" deep
  • Fill base with 3" of crushed limestone and compact. Again fill base with 3" crushed limestone and compact. Finish layer of base completed with slag sand.
  • Lay retaining wall block on prepared base
  • Install perforated drain tile behind bottom course of retaining wall
  • Add drainage rock behind wall as wall is constructed
  • Install Geo-Grid Reinforcement Fabric if necessary

Proper base preparation allows for adequate drainage, preventing the wall from heaving

For quality materials and best results we use the Versa-Lok system or the Unilock system





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